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MNG Chiobu – WHat has changed since

It been a few months for me and Chiobu and we will be in our final stretch of her being my MNG. Whilst we reminisque the things which we have done and explore, I kinda asked what changes she sees in herself since being my MNG.

With her cheeky laugh, she flirtatiously says she has seen one main physical change. Her Cups….from a very young B cup with young nipples, she can feel her cups fuller and her nipplea grow and more erect. When I look at her photos then and now…it is true…it has become fuller..yummy…

She did say in the beginning she had to fight the emotional confusion of guilt and whether this is something she really wana indulge in. She had fears of being caught red handed and not being able to face the world should anyone find out that she had submitted her soul and body to someone like me.

I asked her then, how did she overcame it?

One thing which went through her mind was the stories I shared with her on how animals mate. It is true we are different from them in our ability to think, comprehend things and coming up with solutions. Our survival instincts has made humans progress from a jungle man to an urbanised materialistic beings. But our animal instincts remain the same, we desire physical intimacy, physical touches and sex. Many a times because of our ability to think, we tend to overthink things, put barriers and deny each other of our needs to fulfill our animal instincts. This can be ones culture, religion or individual beliefs and influences.

She did feel restricted being with someone whom she cannot open up to on her animal desires and fantasies. She realised also that she took that daring step of having sex with her bf without her parents knowledge.

Over time when she got to know me, she realised she could open up easily and that we didnt judge each other. As time went by, her comfort level grew and when we explored our animal desires, it came to a point where she was hooked to it. And being able to do this discreetly makes it even more exciting. And communicating and meeting me regularly help a great deal as it allowed her to just be comfortable having me in her life.

As days, weeks and months passed, she doesnt feel that nervous or guilt anymore. Instead, her mind was focused on when and what the next sexventure will be like. She enjoys the unknowns of what her dom will do to her and thats how she realised her body has changed physically.

Chiobu is with her bf now most likely enjoying her body. Little does he know that I have had my sexventure with her yesterday. Though initially a bit worried that her nipples has swelled as I was hungrily sucking and nibbling her nipples. Think things will be fine as she will most likely ask for the lights to be dimmed.

In her own words…“everytime I have sex with him now, my mind keeps thinking about you sir and what notty things I have done with you…”

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